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Great leaders are great thinkers.

They are clear on the game they are playing and how points are scored. They have great attitudes, but it’s not the same attitude that made them great role players. It’s an evolution.

You can become one of those great leaders, and our online course will help you.

It offers insights, guidelines and exercises that will help you:

Through our course, you will:

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed to provide a foundation in leadership and to be helpful to a professional audience including:

  1. First-time managers trying to understand their new job and start off on the right foot
  2. Ambitious professionals preparing to break into leadership or management
  3. Seasoned leaders striving for better results or team engagement
  4. Struggling bosses looking for a reset button

What does completing the course entail?

The length of the course is just over one hour. It’s intentionally short so you can watch or re-watch it in one session or during a few lunch breaks. It’s broken into short segments that you can easily review over time.

The course includes a handful of exercises you’ll want to work on in the weeks and months ahead, and the value from the course will unfold as you observe yourself, your teammates and other leaders.

When will I see results?


This course will help you see your day-to-day interactions in new ways. If your boss stresses you out or you have teammates who are disengaged, you’ll have a better idea of why and how you can begin resolving it.

And after this course, you’ll be confident where to channel your energy for further learning and growth.

Can I see a module list?

Sure, the modules in the course are:

  1. Attitude is Everything
  2. Welcome to the Game
  3. Get Results
  4. Engaged Team
  5. Enthusiastic Customers
  6. Create More Leaders
  7. Play the Game
  8. The Leader Attitude
  9. The Traps of the Expert
  10. The Achievements of the Leader
  11. The Shortcut
  12. Helpful Outward Focus
  13. Reflective Inward Focus
  14. Slow Down Time
  15. Act Intentionally
  16. Let Your Team be the Hero
  17. Wisdom Tools
  18. Reflective Note Taking
  19. Study Groups
  20. Self-Assessment Tools
  21. The Journey

Who should I turn to with questions?

Feel free to contact us at

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