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How do you know you're doing a great job as a leader?

Ask most professionals how they know they’re doing a great job and you’ll get a thoughtful answer. They’ll talk about sales made, projects delivered, or missions accomplished. Ask most leaders and you won’t get a good answer.

It’s a major point of confusion and why the world is full of bad bosses.

If you want to be a great manager, you need to know the game you’re playing and its rules.

These checklists do that for you. They're the result of three years of research spent mapping the learning objectives of hundreds of books, courses, and graduate-level leadership programs. Study any leadership or management book and you can tie its lessons to one or more of these checklist items.

But here’s the trick. You don’t need to read all of those books or take all of those courses. You already know how to do many of the things that will make you a great leader. You just need awareness and an opportunity to grow your thinking and skills over time.

So next time someone asks what makes a leader successful, share these checklists.

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