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Hello, Future Great Boss

You’re ambitious and ready to take on more responsibility. But the question is: Do you have what it takes to be a leader everyone loves? If the idea of leading that project or team makes you equally exhilarated and scared, you need actionable training and you need it fast. We’ve got your back.

"When I got my first leadership role 20 years ago, my employer offered no training and I was overwhelmed by the number of management books and courses. Becoming an influential and effective leader took years and I wasted a lot of time and money on the wrong training. I created Think Leadership to give you the shortcut I wish I had."

Scott Drake
– Scott Drake, Founder
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Leadership Starter Course

Whether you’re a first-time supervisor or a seasoned manager striving to get better, your journey starts with learning to think like a leader. After this short online video course, you’ll be more confident and capable in the role, fully aware of the game you’re now playing and how points are scored.

The Checklists

Becoming a great leader means embarking on a never-ending journey of growth and development. As with any journey, you need maps to help you navigate the terrain. With these checklists in hand, you can be confident you’re using your time wisely and focusing on things that matter.

Leadership Jumpstart Webinar

Join Scott live at a free, 50-minute webinar where he shares the three steps that will put you in control of your training and career.

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